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Tenders are invited for Jungle Cleaning And Desilting Of Around Aschoff House At Jipmer, Puducherry
Aschoff HH, Clausen A, Hoffmeister T [The endo-exo femur prosthesis--a new concept of bone-guided, prosthetic rehabilitation following above-knee amputation].
EyeEm was founded in August 2011 by photo-enthusiasts Florian Meissner, Lorenz Aschoff, Ramzi Rizk and Gen Sadakane with a strong belief in the quality and community of mobile photography.
Delegation comprising Gerold Holsmolle, Christoph Buhler, Carsten Aschoff and Karl-H.
During the 18th and 19th centuries, Rokitansky, Aschoff and Baillie performed thousands of post-mortems in Europe.
In one study, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology, led by Jurgen Aschoff and Rutger Wever, built a soundproof underground bunker in which subjects could be insulated from time cues.
analyst Jonathan Aschoff sees this deal with AstraZeneca as a "hugely positive development for Nektar.
Moreover, the laboratory photoperiod, which is the most important Zeitgeber for many organisms (including arthropods, see Aschoff 1960), reproduced the same seasonal variation observed in nature from winter to summer.
Although wheel-running rates were higher when the experimental session occurred during the dark cycle, the procedure for studying wheel-running reinforcement generated another confound that needs to be addressed: food-anticipatory activity (FAA), which is a form of circadian activity entrained by meal times (Aschoff, von Goetz, & Honma, 1983; Edmonds & Adler, 1977; Honma, von Goetz, & Aschoff, 1983; Mistlberger, 1994; Stephan, 1981, 1992).
Delay in manifestations of ARF following infection and the presence of infiltrates of T-helper lymphocytes and macrophages in acute rheumatic valvulitis and B cells in Aschoff body suggest an important role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of this disease.
Martin Aschoff, CEO at AGNITAS AG, comments: "Open source is the business model of the future.