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soldiers who lost limbs in wars in the Middle East, according to Horst Aschoff, an expert in OI at the Hannover Medical School in Germany.
This differed from the studies of Johanna et al.12 and Aschoff et al.13 in which the mean age was 29 and 34 years, respectively.
(40.) Aschoff L: Observations concerning the relationship between cholesterol metabolism and vascular disease.
Aschoff (In re Custody of J.M.H.) (Isanti County)   Domestic Relations Dissolution; Marital Property Appellant and respondent were married for approximately 25 years before their marriage was dissolved.
Aschoff, "Treatment and long-term outcome of patients with orbital cavernomas," American Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
Ironically, the perpetuation of this misunderstanding was the byproduct of confounding studies done in part by Aschoff, who, along with Bunning and Pittendrigh, has long been seen as one of the three most influential scientists in the circadian field.
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( Willie Taggart has accepted a head coaching position with Florida State, ( ESPN's Edward Aschoff reported Tuesday.