Bernhard, Austrian gynecologist, 1883-1960. See: Aschner phenomenon, Aschner reflex, Aschner-Dagnini reflex.
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Manganese is essential in physical development, infant bone formation, and nutrient metabolism (Aschner and Aschner 2005; Boyes 2010; Yoon et al.
Aschner, professor of endocrinology and director of research at Javeriana University Hospital, Bogota, Colombia.
The research "will cause quite a stir," said Dr Judy Aschner, a pediatrics professor and neonatology director at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre.
Aschner M, Aschner JL: Mercury nenrotoxicity: Mechanisms of blood-brain barrier transport.
Ciardiello's model, based on the questioning taxonomy of Gallagher and Aschner (1963) categorizes four types of questions--memory based, convergent, divergent, and evaluative.
Aschner will be named professor of molecular pharmacology and of pediatrics, and director of a new Einstein center of toxicology.
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Pablo Aschner of the Colombian Diabetes Association, Bogota, presented data from a 24-week monotherapy trial in which 741 patients aged 18-75 years were randomized to daily placebo, 100 mg sitagliptin, or 200 mg sitagliptin.
Aschner is an outstanding clinician and researcher who brings great passion, exacting standards and a spirit of innovation to the Children's Hospital at Montefiore.
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