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Karl W., U.S. ophthalmologist, 1887-1971. See: Ascher aqueous influx phenomenon, Ascher syndrome.
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Associate Circuit Judge Jennifer Ascher ruled that the judiciary should not intervene in "political questions" in the General Assembly, such as a laws effective date or whether theres an appropriation to fund it.
Dr Ascher Shmulewitz, Therapix's chairman, said 'We believe that Simes's appointment will significantly contribute to the establishment of Therapix's international position and the advancement of its business activity overseas.
Ascher traces its roots back to 1949, when a small group of highly experienced pharmaceutical representatives led by Bordner "Bo" Ascher decided to establish a company that would focus on manufacturing injectables and marketing through physician detailing.
In 'The Nightmare,' director Rodney Ascher explores a real condition called sleep paralysis, where people are temporarily but completely immobilized and unable to react while they are falling asleep.
Moreover, Ascher reveals a less extensive side of the former Prime Minister's adolescence, and allows us to understand the influence of a solid education acquired in the family on the destiny of a valuable man.
Critique: A deftly crafted novel by a truly gifted author and one that will hold the reader's rapt attention from beginning to end, "A Call From Spooner Street" by Carol Ascher is very highly recommended and certain to be an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.
BRIGHT BLUE NAILS Give your nails a boost with Model's Own Diamond Luxe in Ascher Blue, PS4.
Critique: A thoroughly engaging and entertaining read from beginning to end, "A Call From Spooner Street" documents author Carol Ascher as an extraordinary storytelling talent.
En 1951 el medico britanico Richard Ascher acuno el termino Sindrome de Munchhausenp--nombre que viene del baron Munchhausen, un oficial de caballeria prusiano, notorio por sus exagerados y fantasiosos relatos--, para describir a los pacientes que se "fabrican" historias clinicas con sintomas falsos para someterse a investigaciones medicas, operaciones y tratamientos innecesarios.
As part of the funding round, Brian Ascher of Venrock and Ryan Sarver of Redpoint Ventures will join Luxe's Board of Directors.
Ivonne Ascher, current manager of Geka's South American sales activities, will be responsible for Geka do Brazil.