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fairy-tale character oppressed by her stepfamily until she magically attends a ball and ultimately marries a prince.
Cinderella complex - fear of being independent causes unconscious desire to be taken care of by others.
Cinderella syndrome - false accusations made by adopted children of being mistreated or neglected by their stepmothers.
Cinderella dermatosis - skin disease characterized by ash-gray macules occurring most often on palms, extremities, buttocks, and scalp.
Cinderella stepmother syndrome - overcompensation by a stepmother in an effort to be accepted into new family.
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Aschenputtel (Fritz Genschow, Fritz Genschow Films,1955)
In Grimm's version of Cinderella, Aschenputtel (the little ash girl), the stepsisters have their eyes pecked out by birds at the story's conclusion.
First she had to beat out two rivals, the Grimm brothers' rustic heroine "Aschenputtel" and "Finette Cendron," the more spirited Cinderella of a feminist French author, the Countess d'Aulnoy.
4 Meine Lehrerin meint dass "Disney hat das deutsche Kulturgut gestohlen, als er die verschiedene 5 Marchen wie Aschenputtel und Schneewittchen verfilmt hat." Was meinst du ueber diese Idee?
(27.) A German fairy-tale "Aschenputtel" shows analogous motifs and structures.