ascending cholangitis

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chol·an·gi·tis len·ta

low-grade bacterial infection of the biliary tract; sometimes causes fever of unknown origin.

ascending cholangitis

Acute bile duct inflammation.
Clinical findings Right upper quadrant pain that may radiate to the shoulder, variable severity, nausea, vomiting, constipation, episodic chills, fever, slow pulse, Murphy sign, anorexia, weight loss; spontaneous remission is rare.
Aetiology Stricture or obstruction of bile ducts, infection, pancreatic reflux, drugs, chemicals.
Lab Increased white cells (especially neutrophils), increased bilirubin, urobilinogen in urine.
Management Cholecystectomy.
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Effectiveness of an intussusceptive antireflux valve to prevent ascending cholangitis after hepatic portojejunostomy in biliary atresia.
A 66-year-old male initially presented in 2002 with ascending cholangitis and was found to have intrahepatic biliary duct dilatation consistent with Caroli's disease.
Liver magnetic resonance imaging was consistent with ascending cholangitis.
We believe our present case is the fifth case report of ADPKD and Caroli's disease associated with increased morbidity, including intra-operative splenectomy and postoperative ascending cholangitis.
The spectrum of infection has included lymphadenitis, ascending cholangitis, mastitis, prostatitis, and toxic shock syndrome.
One patient, who had diabetes mellitus, had ascending cholangitis (bile grew group B streptococcus).
32-33) In this series, there were other clinical presentations of group B streptococcal bacteremia, namely ascending cholangitis, prostatitis, mastitis, and toxic shock syndrome, that were not reported in the 1985 series.

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