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adj 1. in Ayurveda, “heavy” as a guna, one of the qualities characterizing all substances. Its complement is laghu.
2. a spiritual teacher, particularly in Tantric traditions. See also gunas and laghu.
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Asaan Hai is a virtual noticeboard to make buying, selling, renting and hiring any product or service simple and smart.
Through this FalconPay Ecosystem along with the Asaan Account Management System, the MIB will be able to focus on new market spaces under the traditional banking framework comprising the unbanked region.
com)-- Geek Initus, a young tech startup on the block, is pleased to announce a totally new and revamped version of its virtual noticeboard service - Asaan Hai.
This initiative will bring convenience for Akhuwat as NBP has built a customized solution to service Akhuwat's requirement, opening 800,000+ Asaan accounts to cater centralized disbursements and collections of loan instalments through respective accounts of the borrowers.
The customer due diligence and other controls specified for 'Asaan Account' that was earlier launched by SBP in 2015 shall be applicable for opening of Asaan Remittance Account.
After FWBL, Allied Bank has introduced Khanum Asaan Account in our society which includes women in the role of entrepreneur, doctor, teacher, engineer, housewife etc.
This will allow MIB to offer next generation mobile payments and commerce, retail payments, G2P and P2G payments, and instant Asaan Account and card issuance at the customer's doorstep.
In order to promote digital payments in the country and to assist in the realization of the long term vision of Universal Financial Inclusion in Pakistan, exemption is being accorded to branchless banking agents operating under the Asaan Mobile Account Scheme from withholding tax on cash withdrawals made for the purpose of making payments to their respective customers.
Bank AL Habib has introduced Asaan Account" to encourage individuals to open a bank account with Rs 5/= with convenience and a host of value-added services such as free life insurance, free SMS alerts, free Internet and mobile banking and free e-statements.
State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has directed banks to open Asaan Account" for customers against a minimum deposit of Rs100 with no minimum balance requirement, submission of CNIC copy and basic details.