Rotor, Arturo B.

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Arturo B., 20th century Philippine internist.
Rotor syndrome - jaundice appearing in childhood due to impaired biliary excretion.
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There is a beautiful symmetry to this considering that Rotor is the grandniece of the famed Filipino fictionist Arturo B. Rotor. Coming from the Oxford University Press, Rotor arrived at Penguin in 2006 when the Penguin Classics edition of 'Noli,' translated and introduced by Harold Augenbraum, was about to come out.
Arturo B. Rotor, in the early years of Philippine writing in English that initially intrigued me.
Once, while researching for an essay on the composer Nicanor Abelardo, I sought out two of his students in the prewar University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music--the painter Celedonia Ongpin and the physician and fictionist Arturo B. Rotor (1907-1988).