artificial tooth

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ar·ti·fi·ci·al tooth

(ahrti-fishăl tūth)
A tooth made of plastic, porcelain, or metal used in a prosthetic device (e.g., a fixed or removable partial denture).
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For the present study, an artificial tooth corresponding to the upper left canine was selected from a dental dummy (Dental Sem Limites, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil).
University of Rochester School of Dentistry researchers measured the amount of bacteria on an artificial tooth and found that beverages containing 25% cranberry juice reduced a strain of acid-producing bacteria by 67% to 85%.
If it isn't done in the first procedure, a second surgery is needed to attach a post to the anchor, and after several weeks, an artificial tooth is made and fitted to the post.
It seems that (for example) my next check-up will cost me pounds 15, one small filling will be pounds 41, and an artificial tooth on a small plate will be pounds 183.
Now, Japanese researchers say they have found a way to produce an artificial tooth enamel that may allow dentists to fill some cavities without using a drill.
Once the jaw and implant have fused together the artificial tooth is then added (this process varies depending on the type of dental implant used) and any necessary bridges or dentures can be fitted to the teeth.
(16) She does not understand that her rotten tooth is the physical embodiment of her inability to be an unmarked citizen wh o has the economic power to erase the unwanted traces of her body by purchasing a new artificial tooth. Instead, she directs blame inward and loses interest in her physical appearance and her home: "Soon she stopped trying to keep her own house.
The body may still reject the tooth further down the road, and the dentist may have to take other steps, such as using artificial tooth glue to reattach the tooth to bone.
According to Conair, about 5 million Americans have dental implants -- an artificial tooth root surgically placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth in place.