artificial limb

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1. one of the paired appendages of the body used in locomotion and grasping; see arm and leg. Called also member, membrum, and extremity.
2. a structure or part resembling an arm or leg.
anacrotic limb ascending limb (def. 2).
artificial limb a replacement for a missing limb; see also prosthesis.
ascending limb
1. the distal part of Henle's loop.
2. the ascending portion of an arterial pulse tracing; called also anacrotic limb.
catacrotic limb descending limb (def. 2).
descending limb
1. the proximal part of Henle's loop.
2. the descending portion of an arterial pulse tracing; called also catacrotic limb.
lower limb the limb of the body extending from the gluteal region to the foot; it is specialized for weight-bearing and locomotion. See also leg.
pectoral limb the arm (upper limb), or a homologous part.
pelvic limb the leg (lower limb), or a homologous part.
phantom limb the sensation, after amputation of a limb, that the absent part is still present; there may also be paresthesias, transient aches, and intermittent or continuous pain perceived as originating in the absent limb.
residual limb stump.
thoracic limb pectoral limb.
upper limb the limb of the body extending from the deltoid region to the hand; it is specialized for functions requiring great mobility, such as grasping and manipulating. See also arm.
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artificial limb

A PROSTHESIS designed to replace an amputated arm or leg. Artificial limbs may perform a purely supportive function or may simulate, to varying degrees, some of the functions of the part.
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In a bid to make artificial limbs more available in such areas, Myers began volunteering for LimbForge.
A total of 500 people with disability will be provided with artificial limbs free of cost during these camps.
It provided about 400 artificial limbs since it began its work two years ago.
A similar camp had been organized last year in Zone 1 of Menik Farm in Vavuniya district and had fitted artificial limbs and other devices to 1400 beneficiaries in all.[1087 prosthesis (limbs) 123 orthosis (calipers) and 190 crutches].
Queen Mary's Hospital at Roehampton, south-west London, was set up especially to create and fit artificial limbs.
Little Nadine Conway suffers from cerebral palsy and had waited months for the manual chair from Wrexham Artificial Limb & Appliance Service.
"This will provide encouragement to those left invalid by the war." The winner, Augusta Urica, 31, will get a custom-made artificial limb. She got pounds 1,250 and domestic appliances.
The next task, she says, is to send information from the artificial limb to the sensory pathways.
Imagine being able to control an artificial limb with your thoughts!
McMinn will be guest of honour at this afternoon's Kilmarnock-Rangers match after flying into Glasgow airport with his family yesterday.On Monday the winger - known affectionately as "The Tin Man" - had an artificial limb fitted and admitted that this year has been one to forget.
Several years later, another Pittsburgh worker, David Bishop, narrated a different sort of tale in a letter to an artificial limb manufacturer: I have used one of your limbs one year today.

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