intraocular lens

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in·tra·oc·u·lar lens

(IOL) (in'tră-ok'yū-lăr lenz)
A mechanical transplant used in ophthalmology to replace the natural lens that has ceased to function due to disease (e.g., cataract) or otherwise functionally disrupted.
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Intraocular lens

Lens made of silicone or plastic placed within the eye; can be corrective.
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The first artificial lens implant done in 1949 by Sir Harold Ridley, recently deceased, had no haptics.
This means that in Spain, Iluvien should be fully reimbursed for use in line with the European label indication with a restriction to patients with an artificial lens implanted. This approval was sought and secured by Alimera's distributor partner in Spain, Brill Pharma.
THOUSANDS of corrective eye surgery patients are suffering serious sight loss after having new artificial lens implants.