Artificial Turf

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An artificial surface made to look like grass, which is used on many football fields, often linked to abrasions
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For example, this opener was an enjoyable farce about Lee inadvertently destroying his father-in-law's new artificial lawn - by mowing it and then setting it on fire.
This year in Chumankasinskaya, Yuskasinskaya and Orininskaya schools the sports hall will be capitally renovated, an artificial lawn covering will be created on the sports grounds in the village.
We've recently had an artificial lawn put in at our house in Leicester.
She said: "Many gardens and yards look their best in spring and summer, but if you are selling in the winter months, you can still preen the garden to make it look its best - pressure wash patios and decking, all weather artificial lawn can really brighten up a smaller yard, and make sure fallen leaves are cleared.
Dougie Wilkie's artificial lawn was supposed to save him maintenance instead it has become a pain in the grass.
A simple solution could be having an artificial lawn installed that allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.
Mair Ingman says she cannot believe brazen thieves "had the cheek" to roll up a 90sqm section of her PS2,100 artificial lawn from her garden in Bersham Road, Wrexham.
The research, by artificial lawn retailer Grono, found that the average gardener spends roughly 60 minutes cutting and edging their lawn and this is done on average 2.
Friedman, 23, a Hofstra grad who moved to the development in August, does yoga in the space, called Playground 10, an artificial lawn without equipment.
The LazyLawn brand is widely recognised for its high quality products and installations and LazyLawn has a UK wide network of artificial lawn project specialists who can quote on installation.
The back garden has a patio area, easy to care for artificial lawn, trees and a fence boundary.
The village will also receive a number of other renovations sponsored by Orange, including the establishment of a football field with artificial lawn and the provision of essential medical equipment in the village's health center