Artificial Turf

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An artificial surface made to look like grass, which is used on many football fields, often linked to abrasions
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The construction of the artificial grass field of kyrksjrvi, The replacement of the artificial grass field of jouppilanvuori and the installation of the artificial rock of jouppilanvuore in the kepa field as a whole
uk/ there's been a major rise in popularity for artificial grass to be installed in children's play areas, in schools, nurseries and even playgrounds -- it's the simple, low maintenance solution
Newcastle defender Mbemba officially opened the state-of-the-art small-sided third generation (3G) artificial grass pitch (AGP) for West Moor Residents' Association, in North Tyneside.
Love it or hate it, artificial grass or turf is a rapidly growing market.
A RESTAURANT was left unrecognisable as plants, benches and even artificial grass was pinched in an overnight theft.
The beautification project involved installing artificial grass along the 125m-long avenue, using white and black stone, and setting up barriers around an area covering 630sqm, said Southern Municipality director general Assem Abdullatif yesterday.
The company built the field jointly with HM Sports, a sports marketing agency, and it is equipped with artificial grass, LED lights and safety cushions for children's protection.
This change began with the inception of including a soy-based backing system on their artificial grass landscape and golf products.
But after a poor home defeat to promoted side Brighton, could it be that the colour of the artificial grass at the London Stadium is to blame?
Company offer top of the line artificial grass for residential and commercial projects throughout the state of Florida.
Rawalpindi -- The Punjab Government stopped the payment of salary to over 500 employees of Parks and Horticultural Authority after five persons including Director General were arrested in artificial grass scandal.
15 February 2017 - UK-based floor coverings maker Victoria plc (LSE: VCP) has acquired Netherlands-based artificial grass makers Avalon BV and GrassInc.