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a fertilizing agent added to agricultural soils, in the form of an added chemical, or manure.
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Q. i just have my period last november 25 and ended on 28.when is my possible fertile and ovulation period please help me identify my fertile and ovulation period

A. If someone knew it, it'd solve the human race many problems with fertility. The problem is that ovulation (and thus, the period of possible fertility) happens 14 days BEFORE the onset of menses, so you know about it only retrospectively.

However there ways such as serial body temperature measuring, along with kits that measures the level of hormones in the urine in order to estimate the time of the coming ovulation, and help in timing intercourse.

You may read more about it here (www.mayoclinic.com/health/ovulation-signs/AN01521 ) but anyway, consulting a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) may be wise.

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"With diet as it is today, about 40 percent of all food is produced thanks to artificial fertilizer," he says.
There are several ways by which artificial fertilizers reduce aeration of soils.
I have just the answer to the twin problems of gas-guzzling maintenance machinery and artificial fertilizer.
Except for the handful of 'green' purists, we all benefit from the artificial fertilizer that frees agriculture from the limits set by nature.
Finally, farmers will have to control ammonia emissions (manure, artificial fertilizer).
The abundant supply of low-cost, artificial fertilizer changed agriculture; industrial scale farming became possible, driving down the cost of food and reducing the risks of famine.
Wonders as striking as railroads and steamships conspired with humble revolutions like the use of artificial fertilizer to make the world new and bountiful.
Traditional varieties are often more resistant against diseases than shrubs on the modern mass plantations, which heavily rely on artificial fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides.
Without fossil fuels artificial fertilizer, pesticides and energy to irrigate the US can sustain only about two thirds of its present population.
Gardeners who are really interested to have a right ratio of potassium to sodium won t use any artificial fertilizer.
Many organic farmers simply back the manure spreader filled with compost up to the family garden and "letter fly." Some gardeners feel that the purchase of a blended artificial fertilizer each spring will feed their plants adequately.
The rates of nitrogen applied to these fields are often several times higher than those in which artificial fertilizer has been used.