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a fertilizing agent added to agricultural soils, in the form of an added chemical, or manure.
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Q. i just have my period last november 25 and ended on 28.when is my possible fertile and ovulation period please help me identify my fertile and ovulation period

A. If someone knew it, it'd solve the human race many problems with fertility. The problem is that ovulation (and thus, the period of possible fertility) happens 14 days BEFORE the onset of menses, so you know about it only retrospectively.

However there ways such as serial body temperature measuring, along with kits that measures the level of hormones in the urine in order to estimate the time of the coming ovulation, and help in timing intercourse.

You may read more about it here (www.mayoclinic.com/health/ovulation-signs/AN01521 ) but anyway, consulting a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) may be wise.

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The unique idea has been put forward as a cost-effective alternative to expensive artificial fertilisers, which can cost up to PS250 per ton.
Lord Newborough uses organic farming methods by not using sprays or artificial fertiliser and by not routinely injecting or drenching animals, and handling them all the time, to minimise stress and a happy animal produces the best quality of meat.
Not using sprays or artificial fertiliser and by not routinely injecting or drenching animals and handling them all the time helps to minimise stress.
We use no artificial fertiliser and give our fields a light dressing of manure instead.
Investments to improve management of slurry and reduce the resilience on artificial fertiliser such as trailing show slurry systems are also considered, along with investment to improve animal handling.
The same sources told TAP correspondent that weapons were discovered along with ammonium, an artificial fertiliser used in making explosives, during a raid on a house dwelt by the members of the terrorist group who, they added, killed local National Guard chief Lieutenant Mahmoud Ferchichi and Sergeant Karim Hamdi, National Guard officer in Goubellat, and seriously injured Sergeant Faouzi Charfi.
"Most traditional commons will operate to this latter pattern and the advantages can be considerable as we face a future where artificial fertiliser will be far more expensive.
Sulphur dioxide, which is a by-product of zinc and copper production, can be refined to produce sulphuric acid, a chemical used in the artificial fertiliser, pulp and mining industries.
He uses no artificial fertiliser on his produce, only farm manure, but he said good seeds are the key to growing giant vegetables.
Herd Homes, more colourfully described as cow loos or 'rumen long drops" protect cattle from weather, reduce greenhouse gases and nitrogen leaching into waterways, and provide an environmentally efficient method of recycling stock effluent, saving on the cost of artificial fertiliser.
"Until recently most of the site was farmed as hay meadows with no use of artificial fertiliser, consequently it has numerous species of wild flowers.
Adopting the best practices of organic farming, with no use of sprays or artificial fertiliser, creating habitat, planting new hedges and trees and putting up nesting boxes is all part of what we do here at Rhug."