Artificial Turf

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An artificial surface made to look like grass, which is used on many football fields, often linked to abrasions
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The artificial turf installation works began in mid-May, 2016 after His Majesty The King during a visit to the college in February 2014 announced that the turf would be a gift from him.
A significant source of microplastic in Norway are artificial turf trays covered by rubber granulates from used car tires.
Today's new generations of artificial turf systems are being installed to duplicate or exceed playing characteristics of natural grass.
Injury studies on the earlier generations of artificial turf products (i.
Hatko Sport, which was founded by Nejan Hatko in 2006, has since completed its order to design and install 160,000m 2 of two-tone artificial turf for a major interchange area close to Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport.
The added lighting and the conversion of the practice field surfaces from natural grass to artificial turf is part of a project that includes resurfacing Reser Stadium's playing area, including the expansion of the artificial turf to the walls of the seating area.
The two pitches for the London 2012 Olympic Hockey Centre - along with four nearby training fields - feature 60,000 m7 of a high performance artificial turf system specifically designed to meet International Hockey Federation (FIN) standards.
They do not want to play on artificial turf," director of the Danish PFA Mads Oland said Oland cited the speed and bounce of the ball and the lack of sliding tackles as being major problems.
Burke told selectmen efforts to privately raise the money for the artificial turf have been unsuccessful.
Multiflex MFC 4200/5200 line for artificial turf coating and laminating machine for hotmelt.
SARACENS will play on artificial turf next season if plans to refurbish and relocate to Barnet Copthall Stadium are approved.
DSA has requested the AIFF to include the Ambedkar Stadium in the list of venues for artificial turf