Sunless Tanning Cream

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A lotion or cream containing Larrea divaricata or other vegetable extract, which regulates the skin's shedding process and enhances one normal skin colour, providing a sun-bronzed appearance in as little as 30 minutes without the requisite sun time. Sunless tanning creams provide no UV protection
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Deemed the "future of the tanning industry," (42) high-pressure tanning beds have emerged as a way to get an even longer-lasting artificial tan.
If you are truly convinced that your legs, winter blotches, streaked artificial tan and all, are your best feature, then you are probably best advised to use sticking plasters where it rubs.
You don't have to get an artificial tan to look good in a white dress, try using a light tinted gel bronzer over face, neck, back and decollete.
If you insist on getting an artificial tan, wear opaque goggles.
It is rumoured that the Middletons achieved their sun-kissed looks- Kate's natural glow and Pippa's golden tone- with professionally applied artificial tan.
Sheehan and his colleagues surveyed 121 patrons getting an artificial tan at a salon in Augusta, Ga.
Miss York finalist Amy Hills, of Selby, North Yorks, would get an artificial tan at least once a week and she would also refuse to use suncream.
Tone your body by swimming or exercise and, for dates, invest in a good all-over artificial tan.
London, May 6 (ANI): Get ready for getting an artificial tan that won't leave you with a body odour, thanks to the new Aromaguard technology that chemically neutralises self-tanning lotion's nasty smell.
Maybe the best solution is to use an all-over artificial tan.
Estee Lauder's Go Bronze trio, on the other hand, promises an artificial tan that lasts as long as a natural one.
The treatment involves an artificial tan being sprayed on to customers in individual tanning booths.