articular facet

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ar·tic·u·lar fac·et

a relatively small articular surface of a bone, especially a vertebra.
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ar·tic·u·lar fac·et

(ahr-tikyū-lăr fasĕt)
Relatively small articular surface of a bone, especially a vertebra.
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Moreover, the size adaptation of the superior-inferior articular facets is important due to articular luxation (Bazaldua Cruz et al.).
The definition of the double superior articular facets (DSAF) is two superior articular facets on the atlas with each having an individual, clear margin for each of the facets.
However, it preserves the cervical vertebrae without fused ribs, almost flat articular facets of the vertebral centra, and the atlas and axis fused but with indication of the suture between them, all of which suggest traces of a juvenile stage.
(4,5) Such variations alter the overall size of the sacrum, the position and surface areas of the auricular surface, and the orientation of superior articular facets of the sacrum.
The calcaneus is continuously subjected to compressive forces with the articular facets of the midfoot and the subtalar joint.
Anatomically, the lateral or articular mass consists of the superior and inferior articular facets and is anterolateral to lamina.
Clarke's test was also positive on the right and digital palpation of the medial and lateral patellar articular facets caused pain.
Superior Articular Facets (SAF) are present on atlas vertebra facing superomedially and they occupy most of the upper surface of the lateral mass and lie obliquely, their anterior ends being always nearer to the midline than the posterior ends.
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Hyer, "Evans osteotomy and risk to subtalar joint articular facets and sustentaculum tali: a cadaver study," Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, vol.
The centrum bears an amphicoelous condition, concave anterior and posterior articular facets. The posterior articulation is slightly compressed dorsoventrally.

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