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Local anesthetic, usually in a 4% solution, commonly used in dentistry.
[coined term incl. -caine, local anesthetic, fr. cocaine, fr. coca + -ine, chem. suffix]
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Articaine (articaine hydrochloride) is available as a 4% solution with addition of 1: 100 000 or 1: 200 000 adrenaline.
Evaluation of the buccal vestibule - palatal diffusion of 4% articaine hydrochloride in impacted maxillary third molar extractions.
(20) applied an axillary brachial plexus block using 1% articaine hydrochloride and 1% mepivacaine in 40 patients who were to undergo hand and forearm surgeries.
Articaine hydrochloride: a study of the safety of a new amide local anesthetic.
Articaine hydrochloride is an amide type local analgesia [Malamed, 1997].