Jacob, Arthur

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Jacob, Arthur

Irish ophthalmologist, 1790–1874.

Jacob's membrane

The retinal layer of rods and cones.

Jacob's ulcer

Rodent ulcer.


Arthur, Irish physician, 1790-1874.
Jacob membrane
Jacob ulcer
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C'est pourquoi l'on retrouve parmi les tableaux de la nef le theme de la glorification du travail cher au cure Arthur Jacob et a Ozias Leduc : celui du pasteur qui fonde sa paroisse, du colon qui seme et de l'ouvrier qui fond le metal.
Arthur Jacob (1790-1874) (Figure 1) was born in Knockfin, a townland near Maryborough (now Portlaoise), in Queens County (now County Laois), ireland (1,2).
Arthur Jacob and Henry Maunsell founded The Dublin Medical Press in 1839, with Arthur Jacob as its first editor from 1839 to 1859.
Arthur Jacob is especially known for his work in ophthalmology.
in 1827, Arthur Jacob described how he made and used a curved needle for cataract surgery (5).
Arthur Jacob felt that using a needle through the cornea (keratonyxis) was the most easily performed operation for cataract and least traumatic to the eye.
One of the lectures, "Dr Arthur Jacob on Diseases of the Eye", contained a description of cataract surgery and several sketches of ocular incisions and instruments.
Extracts from the notes made by William Guybon Atherstone of a lecture by Arthur Jacob
The extracts below are from pages 14 to 17 of Atherstone's notes of the lecture by Arthur Jacob.
Arthur Jacob was a highly respected figure in medicine in Dublin.
Lillian Russell's forty-year-old reminiscence in 1922 that Gilbert "had sexual reasons for private nocturnal conferences" with her in connection with the production of Princess Ida may have been "self-flattering," according to Stedman, "for as Arthur Jacobs says in his biography of Sullivan, it seems far-fetched" (p.