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Arthur, Polish bacteriologist, 1887-1956.
Weil-Felix reaction - Synonym(s): Weil-Felix test
Weil-Felix test - see under Weil, Edmund
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Arthur Felix Asis, chief of the Taguig City Police Station, identified two of the arrested suspects as Jucelie Ann Santos, 32, of Caloocan City and Edgar Osma, 33, single, of Pasig City.
Chief police inspector Arthur Felix Asis told Kyodo News that details surrounding the death of Kunio Sekine are not yet clear, but an initial investigation has showed he appeared to have died from suffocation.
About 80 percent of children with the deficiency are physiologically capable of supplying the growth hormone themselves, estimates Arthur Felix, who heads peptide research at Hoffman-La Roche Inc.
Arthur Felix Asis, explained that Southside was among the villages subject to a jurisdictional dispute between the two cities.
Arthur Felix Asis made the assurance even as they prepared to file obstruction of justice charges against the management of Forbeswood Heights Condominium and Megaforce Security Agency for failing to comply with their directive to cooperate with their ongoing investigation on the Navarro and Cornejo case.
SK2 Arthur Felix from Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity, Norfolk to CENTCOM, Bahrain
Arthur Felix Asis, said they are expected to complete the inventory of the vehicle parts next Monday.
Arthur Felix Asis made the appeal in light of the incident involving actor and television host Vhong Navarro and student/model Deniece Cornejo.
Arthur Felix Asis, chief of the Taguig City Police, said a crime is considered solved when the suspect is identified, a case is filed in court, and the suspect is detained or arrested.