Jatene procedure

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Ja·tene pro·ce·dure

a method of repairing congenital tunnel-type subaortic stenosis and narrowing of the left ventricular-aortic junction by aortoventriculoplasty and prosthetic valve replacement.
Synonym(s): Dor procedure
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Acute Amiodarone-induced Pulmonary Toxicity: An Association of Risk Factors in a Child Operated by Arterial Switch Operation.
At just 12 days old Florence had her open heart surgery -- the arterial switch -- to switch the two main arteries and reroute her tiny coronary arteries..
The smallest successful arterial switch operation (a very complex surgery) they have done is on a newborn baby weighing only 1.6 kg; the earliest surgery on a baby just five hours old having obstructive Infracardiac total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage (another complex congenital heart condition).
The pioneering 'arterial switch' operation was developed thanks to research funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF).
Twenty-seven (67.5%) patients were discharged to home and planned for Atrial Switch procedure (Senning Procedure) and 12 (30%) patients were referred for Arterial Switch Operation (ASO).
In 2014, Yacoub received the Order of Merit for his achievements that include establishing heart transplantation in the United Kingdom, establishing the 'Ross Procedure' or pulmonary autograft, and pioneering the modern arterial switch operation.
The non-restrictive atrial communication improves systemic oxygen saturations and helps in preoperative stabilization prior to definitive arterial switch operation (ASO)5-7.
After Arthur was born he was quickly transferred to Birmingham Children's Hospital and, at just three days old, underwent life-saving open heart surgery with a fivehour arterial switch operation.
(22) Subsequent surgery options include Mustard/Senning baffles, arterial switch or Rastelli surgery.
The advent of coronary artery sequelae secondary to Kawasaki disease (KD) (1) and the occurrence of coronary artery complications in newly developed procedures for complex congenital heart diseases, including the arterial switch operation (2) for complete transpositions of the great arteries or the Taussig-Bing anomaly requiring a coronary artery transfer and the early correction of intrinsic coronary malformations during the infantile period, (3-5) necessitated the development of PCABS.
An intracardiac channel procedure was performed in 37 patients, arterial switch procedure in 19 patients, Rastelli procedure in three patient, Senning procedure in one patients, and Mustard procedure in one patient.
Doctors at PHC told Aquino and his wife Merlita that they can perform an arterial switch operation on Princess as soon as they are able to raise P200,000 for the procedure.