Artemesia annua

Artemesia annua (ärˈ·t·mēˑ·zē· an·nōōˑ·),

n parts used; dried aerial portions; uses: fever, malaria, parasites; precautions: possible neurotoxicity in high doses. Also called
annual wormwood, qinghao, sweet annie or
sweet wormwood.
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Both combination treatments are types of artemisinin, whose active ingredient derives from a plant called Artemesia annua, also known as qinghaosu or sweet wormwood.
In contrast, artesunate, a water-soluble artemisinin derivate extracted from the plant Artemesia annua (quinghao), is considered safe and highly efficacious (4,5).
Most researchers today phi their highest hopes in developing a malaria vaccine, but others remain botanically inclined, looking for a cure hi plants like the Chinese herb qing-hao, known in the West as Artemesia annua, or sweet wormwood.
Researchers at the University of Washington are studying the Chinese herb called artemisinin--extracted from the plant Artemesia annua L.