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Clinical epidemiological studies on endemic chronic arsenic poisoning in children and adults, including observations on children with high- and low-intake of dietary arsenic.
The changes of arsenic poisoning on the apoptotic cell nucleus in epididymal tubes of rats (Table 3): results of TUNEL staining showed that a small amount of apoptotic cells in epididymis was seen in control group (Figures 6, 7, and 8).
The presentation of the patient prompted the clinician to consider arsenic poisoning; and hence, the drinking water sample and the nail sample of the patient were tested for arsenic concentration.
Chronic arsenic poisoning has been reported from 9 prefectures and involves 32 villages and 9,000 families.
In trivalent arsenic poisoning the clinical effects depend on the chronicity of the exposure.
And though it has long been an effective means of treating patients suffering from mercury, lead or arsenic poisoning, it has also been touted as a treatment for cancer and heart disease, yet no conclusive studies have proven its effectiveness in treating those conditions.
Signs and symptoms of chronic arsenic poisoning may not occur until 2 to 8 weeks after exposure.
The fact that, on average, children are consuming about 25% of their daily allowable arsenic through juice (or "-ades" and fruit drinks) suggests that arsenic contamination in apple and apple-containing juices is exceeding allowable amounts for some children and in turn may be resulting in chronic arsenic poisoning for those children.
Although the inquest's verdict was death by natural causes, newspapers exposed her tally of dead husbands, lost children and the tell-tale indicators of arsenic poisoning. The Newcastle Chronicle even called her "a monster in human shape".
The effects of antimony poisoning are similar to arsenic poisoning.
What Jane had described in her letter sounded very much like the symptoms of arsenic poisoning, which causes a characteristic dark and light spotting of the skin when taken in small doses over a long period of time.