arsenic acid

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ar·se·nic ac·id

the hydrate of arsenic oxide or arsenic pentoxide which forms arsenates with certain bases.
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Toxic effects of sodium arsenate (22.5 ppm) in drinking water of mice showed proximal tubular congestion and atrophy along with glomerular swelling and interstitial fibrosis and nephropathy (Yuping et al.
Table 2: Clinico-pathological effects caused by sodium arsenate sodium arsenite and other forms of arsenic in various
Arsenic detoxification by phytochelatins on exposure to arsenate firstly was suggested by Grill et al.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer recognizes arsenic and arsenic compounds as Group 1 Carcinogens, and the EU lists arsenic trioxide, arsenic pentoxide and arsenate salts as Category 1 Carcinogens.
On the old dumps of the Ightem mine, well-crystallized adamite occurs commonly in a gray-white dolomite--despite the carbonate milieu it is overwhelmingly arsenates (annabergite, conichalcite, adamite ...) which are present in this dolomite.
Children's exposure to arsenic and chromium from playground equipment constructed with chromated copper arsenate (CCA)--treated wood is a potential concern because of children's hand-to-mouth activity.
In the United States and Canada, industry registrants voluntarily agreed to withdraw chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treatment for use in such residential applications as decks, fences, and playground components effective January 1, 2004, although it is still registered for commercial/industrial products.
The result suggests the presence of a thriving community of anaerobic microbes that used the nitrates as fuel and converted the poisonous arsenites in the water to less-soluble arsenates.
Its habit, color and association with other copper arsenates suggested that the specimen could be lavendulan, and an EDS qualitative analysis at the Mining School of Madrid in 1992 confirmed the identification.
Carminite is found as gemmy-red crystals up to 2 mm, associated with the other arsenates. It can be associated with scorodite, a relationship that is observed at other localities (for example, at Mapimi, Durango, Mexico).