student of Abel Ayerza who wrote the thesis correlating clinical findings of Ayerza syndrome with pulmonary artery sclerosis.
Ayerza-Arrillaga disease - Synonym(s): Ayerza syndrome
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Arrillaga Alumni Center, a 30,000-square-foot, three-story Spanish-style structure completed in 2001.
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Sea otter hunting at this time caused such a population depletion between El Rosario and Santo Domingo, that governor Jose Arrillaga was prompted to report it to the Viceroy.
And in Arizona, Pauline Arrillaga has been named Southwest regional reporter in Phoenix; Arrillaga had been a member of the Houston bureau.
PAULINE ARRILLAGA to southwest regional reporter, based in Phoenix, Ariz., from newswoman in Houston, Texas.
Tinstman, 49, president and CEO, Morrison Knudsen; John Arrillaga, 58, partner, real-estate developer Peery-Arrillaga; Christopher B.
In addition to the Queens portfolio, A&E, led by Douglas Eisenberg and John Arrillaga Jr., is looking to add another 1,000-plus apartments to its holdings.