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It was a surprising and thrilling discovery that not only could this regeneration be achieved through both genetic and pharmaceutical approaches, but that it also decreases the heart's susceptibility to arrhythmias," said Beth Habecker, Ph.
Using a combination of molecular biology, electrophysiology, and genetically engineering mice, scientists at the University of Calgary's and Alberta Health Services' Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta (Libin Institute)have discovered that a calcium-sensing-gate in the cardiac calcium release channel (ryanodine receptor) is responsible for initiation of calcium waves and calcium-triggered arrhythmias.
The 'Know Your Pulse' campaign is coordinated by Arrhythmia Alliance, a global coalition of patients, medical professionals and caregivers dedicated to providing education, information and support for people with cardiac arrhythmias.
In most cases we don't have good randomized, controlled trials" that clearly document the role for catheter ablation for ventricular arrhythmias and the best way to deliver the treatment, he noted.
The new money will be invested in services to assess, treat and support patients with arrhythmias and to pay for pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs).
The Arrhythmia Alliance says that the condition, leading to sudden cardiac arrest, is the number one killer in the UK, more than breast cancer, lung cancer and Aids combined.
Arrhythmia had a rocket ride with its stock in 2006, watching the value increase by 176.
Common electrocardiographic artifacts mimicking arrhythmias in ambulatory monitoring.
ANDREW Mitchell MP has met Trudie Lobban, chief executive of Arrhythmia Alliance, to discuss the needs of Sutton Coldfield patients suffering with heart problems.
But among the 360 volunteers with atypical T-wave alternans, there were 38 deaths and 9 nonfatal arrhythmias within 2 years, Bigger's team reported in the Jan.
About a million Britons are affected by arrhythmias but there are only 64 heart rhythm specialists in the country, the charity said.
But researchers have only recently tested fish oil directly on people with arrhythmias.