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Svante, Swedish chemist and Nobel laureate, 1859-1927. See: Arrhenius doctrine, Arrhenius equation, Arrhenius law, Arrhenius-Madsen theory.
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Just liking the total conductivity, the relationships between temperature and both ionic conductivity and electronic conductivity follow the Arrhenius law.
The simplified Arrhenius plot deserves additional discussion.
Among the different theoretical models, The VRH model is applicable almost over the entire range of measurement temperature at cryogenic region to predict the conduction mechanism of PI nanocomposites; whereas, Arrhenius and Kivelson model are applicable over a limited range of measurement temperature.
All the ATFs in Figure 4 have similar conductivity, and temperature dependence that is well described by an Arrhenius plot.
This new empirical equation which is a modified or reformulated Arrhenius equation must be considered to calculate the activation energy.
Arrhenius calculated that cutting CO2 in half would suffice to produce an ice age, whereas doubling atmospheric CO2 would give a total warming of 5 to 6 degrees Celsius.
Different semi empirical models are available for dissolution kinetics of different ores; however, a limited literature may be available to illustrate the cumulative parametric impact on Arrhenius variables for the dissolution of natural magnesite.
Bacterial degradation was analyzed through the Arrhenius equation as reported by Sorokulova et al.
A dependencia do coeficiente efetivo de difusao com a temperatura foi verificada utilizando-se a relacao de Arrhenius, Eq.
The temperature dependence of ionic conductivity of these electrolytes exhibited Arrhenius behavior.
The effect of temperature on viscosity was shown by Arrhenius equation.