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They appear when you are frightened or a bit chilly, thanks to the tiny muscles called arrector pili surrounding the hair follicles in your skin.
However, a few bacilli may get buried alive in the fibrosed nerves and arrector pili muscles, thereby serving as a nidus for relapse.
The experience can activate the cat's arrector pili muscles, which are attached to the hair follicles.
The follicles also developed the correct structures and formed proper connections with surrounding host tissues such as the epidermis, arrector pili muscle and nerve fibers.
Goosebumps happen when the tiny muscles in each hair follicle, called arrector pili muscles, contract, says Dr.
A small muscle, the arrector pili, is attached to the wall of the follicle and to the lower layer of the epidermis.
Each tiny hair on your skin is attached to small muscles, called arrector pili muscles.