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It's easier to design arrangements with short stems,'' advises Held, adding that such arrangements require fewer flowers and last better in the heat.
409A and the current proposed regulations apply to deferred compensation arrangements.
CLAs are also used in co-development arrangements where two or more parties make available pre-existing IP to develop a commercially viable product, the Institute said.
The OIG policy now recognizes that "proposed gain sharing, arrangements could increase efficiency and reduced waste, but must be scrutinized for:
Both Enron and Parmalat used such arrangements and special purpose entities (SPEs) to conceal the true state of their finances.
For the pianist on the lookout for fresh arrangements of classic hymns (using the term "hymn" in its most general sense), FJH offers four new collections by as many talented arrangers.
ALL NQDC ARRANGEMENTS MUST FOLLOW section 409A unless specifically exempted.
are particularly symmetrical arrangements known as the [E.
The IRS has proposed regulations for split-dollar life insurance arrangements.
22, 1999, was written in response to a query by a laboratory provider concerning an earlier Advisory Opinion (AO 99-2, February 1999) in which discount arrangements for ambulance services provided to SNFs were addressed.
Seven states have reciprocal contractual arrangements with New York, and with minimal effort, licensed New York brokers may obtain reciprocal brokerage licenses.
As nursing homes move toward subacute care, they are finding opportunities for innovative joint venture arrangements with hospitals.