Aroma Marketing

The use of various fragrances and volatile oils to increase consumer willingness to purchase a product
Examples Baking foods in a house being sold and use of floral fragrances when selling articles of clothing
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com)-- ACEX's customer is an aroma marketing company that is an expert in selection and development of aromas for businesses; it is also engaged in sales and service maintenance of professional equipment for aromatization of buildings.
Ecomist Systems' Thompson-Carter says getting an in-store fragrance right is a science; but they've simplified it with an aroma marketing tool created by their French perfumer Yves Dombrowsky.
The SensoryMax team earned the nomination for multi-sensory and aroma marketing programs it developed for Lincoln Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Virginia Tire & Auto, and Ocean Bank.
8220;We approach Aroma Marketing differently than most others in our industry,” said Director of SensoryMax Michael Seay.
The agency provides customized Point-Of-Entry Marketing services, including Aroma Marketing, Point-Of-Purchase Audio, On Hold Marketing, and an on hold news and information service called the BusinessVoice News Network.