Arnold-Chiari syndrome

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distortion of any part or of the body in general; called also malformation.
Arnold-Chiari deformity a congenital anomaly in which the cerebellum and medulla oblongata protrude down into the cervical spinal canal through the foramen magnum; it is almost always associated with meningomyelocele and hydrocephalus.
Madelung's deformity radial deviation of the hand secondary to overgrowth of the distal ulna or shortening of the radius.
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Ar·nold-Chi·a·ri mal·for·ma·tion

(ar'nŏld kē-ah'rē), [MIM*207950]
malformed posterior fossa structures associated with caudad traction and displacement of the rhombencephalon as caused by tethering of the spinal cord; may be accompanied in some cases by spina bifida and associated anomalies such as meningomyelocele; usually multifactorial in inheritance.
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Arnold-Chiari syndrome

A group of disorders in which the lower part of the brain and sometimes the CEREBELLUM are forced through the bony opening for the spinal cord in the base of the skull (the foramen magnum). This commonly causes ‘water on the brain’ (HYDROCEPHALUS). (Julius A. Arnold, German pathologist, 1835–1927, and Hans von Chiari, Austrian pathologist, 1851–1916).
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Julius, German pathologist, 1835-1915.
Arnold bodies - small portions or minute fragments of erythrocytes.
Arnold-Chiari deformity - Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari malformation
Arnold-Chiari malformation - malformed posterior fossa structures. Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari deformity; Arnold-Chiari syndrome; cerebellomedullary malformation syndrome
Arnold-Chiari syndrome - Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari malformation


Hans, German pathologist, 1851-1916.
Arnold-Chiari deformity - Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari malformation
Arnold-Chiari malformation - see under Arnold, Julius
Arnold-Chiari syndrome - Synonym(s): Arnold-Chiari malformation
Budd-Chiari syndrome - Synonym(s): Chiari syndrome
Chiari disease - Synonym(s): Chiari syndrome
Chiari net - abnormal fibrous or lacelike strands in the right atrium.
Chiari syndrome - thrombosis of the hepatic vein with great enlargement of the liver and extensive development of collateral vessels, intractable ascites, and severe portal hypertension. Synonym(s): Budd-Chiari syndrome; Budd syndrome; Chiari-Budd syndrome; Chiari disease; Rokitansky disease (2)
Chiari-Budd syndrome - Synonym(s): Chiari syndrome
Chiari II syndrome - elongation of medulla and cerebellar tonsils and vermis with displacement through the foramen magnum into the upper spinal canal.
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