Arnold, Friedrich

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Arnold, Friedrich

Ger. anatomist, 1803–1890.

Arnold's bundle

Frontopontine tract.

Arnold's canal

The passage in the temporal bone for the lesser superficial petrosal nerve.

Arnold's nerve

The auricular branch of the vagus nerve.
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Friedrich, German anatomist, 1803-1890.
Arnold bundle - a fiber group originating in the cerebral cortex of the temporal lobe and terminating in the pontine nuclei or the ventral part of the pons. Synonym(s): Arnold tract; temporopontine tract
Arnold canal - the small opening in the petrous bone lateral to the hiatus of facial canal that gives passage to the lesser petrosal nerve. Synonym(s): hiatus of canal of lesser petrosal nerve
Arnold ganglion - an autonomic ganglion situated below the foramen ovale medial to the mandibular nerve. Synonym(s): otic ganglion
Arnold nerve - a branch of the superior ganglion of the vagus, supplying the back of the pinna and the external acoustic meatus. Synonym(s): auricular branch of vagus nerve
Arnold tract - Synonym(s): Arnold bundle
foramen of Arnold - an occasional opening in the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, between the foramen spinosum and foramen ovale, which transmits the lesser petrosal nerve. Synonym(s): petrosal foramen
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