Tiselius, Arne

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Arne, Swedish biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1902-1971.
Tiselius apparatus - used to separate proteins in solution by electrophoresis.
Tiselius electrophoresis cell - the special container in a Tiselius apparatus containing the solution to be analyzed by electrophoresis.
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The electrophoresis became a chemical analysis method by the pioneering works of Arne Tiselius from Uppsala University in 1930s yielding Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1948 [1]-[9].
They also insist that "electrophoresis was first described by Arne Tiselius", when, in fact, it was practiced soon after the jumping frog legs of Galvani and the invention of the pila by Volta (the first power supply delivering continuous electricity) in the early 1800s.