Tzanck, Arnault

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Arnault, Russian dermatologist, 1886-1954.
Tzanck cells - acantholytic epithelial cells seen in the Tzanck test.
Tzanck test - the examination of fluid from a bullous lesion for Tzanck cells.
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Tzanck smear is an easily performed, sensitive, specific, cost-effective and rapid test that is useful in clinical settings in dermatologist's daily practice.3,4 Arnault Tzanck first used this method for the diagnosis of cutaneous disorders in 1947.5 It can also be performed at the bedside with minimal patient discomfort.6,7 In this method, scrapings from the floor of the vesicles are transferred to a glass slide, stained with various dyes, and then examined under the light microscope, that reveals multinucleated giant cells in herpetic infection, acantholytic cells in pemphigus, dyskeratotic acantholytic cells and cocci in bullous impetigo, pseudohyphae in candidiasis and necrotic basal cells in toxic epidermal necrolysis.7