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Arthur Riley, 20th-century Canadian physician. See: King-Armstrong unit.
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Armstrong owned about 200 acres of orange groves and was a longtime director of the Fillmore and Piru Citrus Association, and a past president of the Ventura County Farm Bureau.
Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner Earl McPhail said Armstrong made dozens of trips to promote area citrus fruits, helping to open the Hong Kong market to Ventura County oranges and to forge relations with other Pacific Rim markets.
Beside his love for the farm, Armstrong was remembered for his passion for the sea.
In addition to his children, David and Trisha, and three grandchildren, Armstrong also is survived by his mother, Margaret, who helped found Armstrong Farms decades ago and later passed the ranch on to her son.
Deborah Armstrong is remembered as a caring woman who had nursed her ailing grandmother during the last few weeks.
Officials said Donald Armstrong likely had been sleeping in the bedroom near the rear of his home while his wife was smoking a cigarette in the living room.
We have to be more competitive than ever before because there is an over-capacity of movers out there," says Jim Armstrong.
Jim Armstrong is not confident when it comes to the immediate future of the Canadian economy and the moving industry.
Armstrong the Mover sends its clients maps and information showing schools, hospitals and other data when they are moving into unfamiliar neighborhoods.
However, Armstrong the Mover had already discouraged its drivers from working extended shifts.
We never allowed our men to drive past midnight, so we have not had a problem with fellows going all night," says Peter Armstrong, a graduate of McMaster University in Hamilton.
However, he admits that the policy puts Armstrong the Mover "between a rock and a hard place" with some customers who want fast delivery.