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Friedrich, German anatomist, 1859-1920. See: Hermann fixative.
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Arminius was a commander of the Germanic tribes who destroyed many Roman legions.
Darren Gordon generously supplied a scan of the box art of Arminius the Terrible, and Mark McKenna kindly lent me his copy of Shock!
In A.D., the first great military disaster to befall imperial Rome took place at Teutoburg Forest, where a German chieftain with Roman military training named Arminius led a rout of Roman forces that resulted in the annihilation of three legions under Varus.
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Arminians--Christians who believe, with the sixteenth-century theologian Jacob Arminius, that everyone has enough free will to choose or reject salvation for themselves--see traditional Calvinism, and particularly the doctrine of Unconditional Election, as a cruel closed system.
Set in what is now modern-day Germany, the first part of his new trilogy centres on the worlds of Arminius, a tribal chieftan, and centurion Lucius Calvinus Tullus.
A reaction to this monstrous doctrine eventually took place in the 17th century when a number of Dutch Calvinists, under the leadership of Jacob Arminius, claimed that Christ died for everyone, and that the individual person was free to accept or reject God's saving grace.
Jacobus Arminius proposed that God created humans in order to have a loving relationship with them.
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