Armillifer armillatus

Ar·mil·li·fer ar·mil·la·'tus

species occurring in the python; the larva or nymph is occasionally found in humans. In dogs encysted nymphs may settle in liver, lung, heart, and transmission is by contact with python excreta. Adults may reside in respiratory tract of birds and mammals.
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Armillifer armillatus pentastomiasis in African immigrant, Germany.
Linguatula serrata and Armillifer armillatus were associated with 99% of the reported cases of human pentastomiasis (Drabick, 1987; Pare, 2008).
serrata and Armillifer armillatus are responsible for most human cases of infection.
Most documented human infections are caused by members of the species Armillifer armillatus, which cause visceral pentastomiasis in West and Central Africa (2-4).