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An armed conflict including one or more governments, and causing the death of 1,000 or more people per year
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'With this law, we hope the government will be able to protect our children from the brutality of armed conflicts and help them live peaceful, productive lives,' Hontiveros said in a statement.
Senate President Vicente Sotto III on Wednesday welcomed the enactment of a law providing for the special protection of children in times of armed conflict.
The statistics show that fewer people have died in armed conflicts since the Korean War ended in 1953.
A criminal case was initiated by the State Security Service under articles 214-1 (financing of terrorism), 218.2 (participation in a criminal group), 283-1.3 (participation in armed conflicts outside Azerbaijan) of Azerbaijan's Criminal Code.
Between 1995 and 2015, armed conflict across Africa may have resulted in the deaths of up to 5 million children younger than age 5, a new study reports.
civilians in armed conflicts, it also strongly condemned the unlawful denial of such access and
Speaking in the Security Council Debate on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN, Dr Maleeha Lodhi said that 'Worse still , perpetrators who commit such crimes are awarded honors by their military commands.
She said "targeted attacks, sexual violence, forced conscription and indiscriminate killings collectively paint an extremely bleak picture of the human costs of modern day armed conflict.
(8) Despite this focus on effects and the great similarity of effects between peacetime disasters and those of armed conflicts, many instruments, organizations, and scholars of IDL exclude situations of armed conflict from their definition of disasters.
As is well known, attacks against cultural heritage and cultural diversity have increasingly evolved over the last few years into a key element of the armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and earlier in Mali and Afghanistan--as well as in other regions.
From January to December 2016, 28 armed conflicts were waged in 26 countries.