Luciano, Italian pathologist, 1839-1903. See: Armanni-Ebstein kidney, Armanni-Ebstein change.
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Angelillo, Department of Public, Clinical and Preventive Medicine, Second University of Naples, Via Luciano Armanni, 5-80138, Naples, Italy; email: italof.
Then there are such stellar figures of the Italian book market as Gian Dauli, Tammaro De Marinis, Mario Armanni, together with the owners of Italy's most prestigious publishing firms (Mondadori, Bompiani, and Feltrinelli, among others), besides the eccentric masters of the hand-operated press (the likes of Giovanni Mardersteig and Piero Nebiolo), not to mention the prominent intellectuals (Giancarlo Contini, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Natalia Ginzburg, Carlo Levi, Eugenio Montale, and so on).