Trousseau, Armand

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Trousseau, Armand

Armand Trousseau, Fr. internist, 1801–1867.

Trousseau apophysiary points

Sensitive points over the dorsal and lumbar vertebrae in neuralgia.

Trousseau sign

A muscular spasm of the hand and wrist from pressure on the nerves and vessels of the upper arm. It is indicative of latent tetany, usually as a result of hypocalcemia.

Trousseau spots

Streaking of the skin with the fingernail, seen in meningitis and other cerebral diseases.
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Armand, French physician, 1801-1867.
Trousseau point - painful neuralgia at the spinous process of the vertebra below which arises the offending nerve.
Trousseau sign - in latent tetany, the occurrence of carpopedal spasm accompanied by paresthesia, elicited when the upper arm is compressed.
Trousseau spot - a line of redness resulting from drawing a point across the skin, especially notable in cases of meningitis. Synonym(s): meningitic streak
Trousseau syndrome - thrombophlebitis migrans associated with visceral cancer. Synonym(s): Nygaard-Brown syndrome
Trousseau-Lallemand bodies - Synonym(s): Lallemand bodies (2)
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Trousseau's syndrome is a well-known cancer-associated thrombosis that was first described in 1865 by Armand Trousseau [11].
Emmanuel Grimprel of the Armand Trousseau Hospital in Paris, and colleagues.
Broca called this speech disturbance "aphemie," which was renamed by Armand Trousseau as "aphasia." Broca also described another form of speech disturbance, which he called "verbal amnesia," characterized by a loss of memory for spoken and written words.
[1] Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Hopital Armand Trousseau, 75012 Paris, France, and
Diner, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with the Armand Trousseau Children's Hospital, University of Paris.

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