Arizona hinshawii

Ar·i·zo·na hin·sha·wi·i

former name for Salmonella enterica subspecies arizonae.
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Arizona arizonae

The name Arizona appears to have been applied in one form or another to a group of Salmonella-like organisms since the late 1930s, according to the 7th-edition of Bergey's Manual (1957) (in which it was called Paracolobactrum arizonae).

Salmonella was usually a noted feature along with the atypical (for Salmonella) tendencies to ferment lactose and liquefy gelatin. Later names included Arizona arizonae, Arizona hinshawii and Salmonella arizonae, before being totally absorbed into the modern Salmonella scheme as two of the recognised subspecies.
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Arizona hinshawii septicemia associated with rattlesnake powder--California.

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