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(ar'is-tō-tē'lē-ăn, ar'i-stŏ-tēl'yan),
Attributed to or described by Aristotle.
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Rather, I hope to have demonstrated that, even in the twelfth century, Aristotelianism's flexibility means that it could embrace a wide range of perspectives on the nature of practical knowledge and on the value of the mechanical arts, including those authors who explicitly rejected Aristotle's own stated views.
Sleep is prominent in his treatment of Shakespeare and his reading of history plays and romance episodes is intriguing, but his equation of "denigrated vitality" (81) with Giorgio Agamben's notion of "bare life" seems to lose the thread of Aristotelianism while awkwardly applying a philosophical perspective that many now leap to in early modern studies and yet that cries out for a more rigorous conversation with early modern ideas of vegetative life.
In assessing an agent's virtue we must appeal to such counterfactuals, rather than just the situations the agent happens to encounter, because Aristotelianism is ultimately concerned with the nature of a person's commitment to a virtue.
On reading this book, one gets the impression that Aristotelianism was attractive to theologians exactly because of its inexactness.
These fundamental differences manifest themselves in the way Aristotelianism and Stoicism understand place.
Chapters explore the theoretical bases behind what Aristotle said about ethical, political and productive activity; Aristotle's practical philosophy as well as his theoretical philosophy; and applications of his ideas in settings ranging from medieval Christian times to Germany to revolutionary Aristotelianism in modern history including MacIntyre's Marxism.
Specialized sections on, for example, translation as cultural capital or minority discourses needed pruning so as to make the contributors' analysis of Du Chatelet's works come into much sharper focus; references were needed in Remy Saisselin's (rather peculiar) essay on her portrait (and why quote Carmontelle in English?); the English expression of a couple of contributors needed careful attention ('an aroma of Aristotelianism' (p.
Thomas's synthesis of Aristotelianism, neo-Platonism, and revelation was ongoing from the more Aristotelian categories of the In sententias to the more neo-Platonic emphasis of later works.
Gordon's book is very successful in showing Levi's "ordinary virtues" and in revealing how his deepest convictions were rooted in fundamental expressions of European culture, from Aristotelianism to utilitarianism and the Enlightenment.
2) stands in need of justification, especially in the light of the Clerk's pronounced Aristotelianism. Condren's own approach seems best suited to the performances of the Wife of Bath and the Pardoner which are simultaneously addressed to different audiences.
Beginning with Albert and Thomas, the closest that any of his eight subjects came to being paid-up Aristotelians, he shows that they did indeed tincture Aristotelianism with Cicero and Stoicism, and Augustine with Neoplatonism, human and divine law, and the order of charity, respectively.