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(ar'is-tō-tē'lē-ăn, ar'i-stŏ-tēl'yan),
Attributed to or described by Aristotle.
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A semi-Platonist version of Aristotelianism can thus make sense of two conflicting intuitions about the objectivity of mathematics, which create difficulties for other theories.
But as Feser reads Locke, this appeal to God, though necessary for a successful justification of a rights-based politics, is in Locke's version defective in those respects in which it departs from the Scholastic natural-law tradition: "In short, in rejecting the epistemology and metaphysics of Scholasticism in particular and Aristotelianism in general, Locke rejected also the foundations of the medieval approach to natural law, and with it any possibility of using that approach to ground a doctrine of natural rights" (p.
Unless the reciprocity thesis can be moderated, it appears, Aristotelianism will be left looking dramatically alienated from the endoxa in this respect.
From this it follows that Origen knew Aristotelianism not as a philosophy which denied divine providence, but as one which limited it.
These fundamental differences manifest themselves in the way Aristotelianism and Stoicism understand place.
Nor can the prestige of Aristotelianism be resurrected to regulate the present.
Gordon's book is very successful in showing Levi's "ordinary virtues" and in revealing how his deepest convictions were rooted in fundamental expressions of European culture, from Aristotelianism to utilitarianism and the Enlightenment.
While Eco and Aristotle may have different ideas of reality per se (though Kirby might disagree), Eco understands well, Kirby points out, Aristotle's respect for the rhetorical element in literary mimesis and of the emotions more generally, and how subversive this would seem to a Platonist like Jorge in the midst of the mediaeval power straggle between the Platonism and Aristotelianism in the Church.
Reflection upon this list of preferences shows that Nasr's traditional or perennial philosophy has no room for Socratic rationalism or the practical aspect of Aristotelianism within Islamic philosophy.
This mechanical view of the universe can be traced back to the Greek atomists, but due to the dominance of Aristotelianism, it never entered mainstream scientific thought until the seventeenth century.
2) stands in need of justification, especially in the light of the Clerk's pronounced Aristotelianism.
Still the book patiently explores weighty issues of political theory with reference to a number of figures whose significance becomes increasingly clear, and the analysis of particular fusions of Aristotelianism and theology supports the conclusion that `the truly radical texts in scholastic political thought were provided, not by Aristotle, but by Augustine and the Bible' (p.