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"The first man stabbed the second man with a knife" lacks the overt "is" of identity but contains Aristotelian software nonetheless.
Despite Descartes having rejected many elements of late Aristotelian assumptions about how the soul might be constructed and influenced by time, it doesn't mean he wholeheartedly disregarded Aristotelian ideas altogether: "Descartes was in fact interested in at least two issues also found in the late Aristotelian psychology of time" (145).
Dougherty's project would be quite useful if the discussion addressed the really difficult problems posed by science for any Aristotelian philosophy.
This distinction, Echenique argues, shows that the Aristotelian does not regard children from the objective stance, as the Strawsonian view recommends (31).
In the Metalogicon, John argues that the Aristotelian Organon (the logical works) should be the basis of the educational curriculum.
Chapter Four addresses the Aristotelian influence upon Cicero's Topica.
Trained by Myles Sunderland, a former Jim Bolger assistant, Aristotelian has made a bright return from a break with two good efforts over 1m in similar races to tonight's.
"The Aristotelian body," a recurrent phrase in his pages, refers to individual human beings who have contact with the real world where they perform particular moral actions within a community.
does not engage this conversation explicitly, he lays out a plausible defense of the moral significance of the emotions in generally Aristotelian terms.
The dominant medieval Aristotelian matter theory held that substance consisted of prime matter and substantial form.
We can usefully think of Aristotelian theories as centering on three claims.
Jiyuan Yu employs this image in his comparative study of Confucian and Aristotelian ethics.