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(ar'is-tō-tē'lē-ăn, ar'i-stŏ-tēl'yan),
Attributed to or described by Aristotle.
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The Aristotelean problem already belongs to a closed system, a topos, which determines its nature: It is not subjected to judgment because it has already been judged, having eliminated unwanted difference from the outset.
But in the context of this discussion, genuine moral intelligence is Aristotelean decency, vision, purpose, and uncommon sense finally freed from futile attempts to improve upon Aristotle's thinking.
The first virtue, the Aristotelean magnanimitas, is illustrated by the story of Prince Casimir playing a game of dice with a certain Jan (IV, 5, 15-20).
Through the writings of David Cohen, whom she cites, Leach is aware of the currency of Aristotelean formal telos at the heart of counterpoint theory of the late thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.
Collectively these articles attempt to delineate an interdisciplinary paradigm that is consistent with the sensibilities of Aristotelean virtue ethics (MacIntyre, 1984), contemporary moral motive theory (Emmons & McCullough, 2004), and the apophatic tradition of personality change (Jones, 2002).
Exclusivity, teleology and hierarchy: Our Aristotelean legacy.
As the Aristotelean formula put it, man is the only animal that laughs because man alone can be surprised into laughter by the sudden perception that how things are differs from how they ought to be.
(122) Somewhat confusingly, rights-based notions in tort theories have been merged, variously, with Aristotelean corrective justice theories, (123) Rawlsian fairness-based contractarianism, (124) Strawsonian constructivist theories of responsibility, (125) and a variety of other views.
To begin with, any inquiry into the unsolvable equally decries in Frank's mind the Platonic separation of the material world and ideas, the Aristotelean hylozoism, Spinoza's pantheism, and the Cartesian division into subject and object.
Chapter 9 (Preuss) contributes a brief conceptual section that--perhaps in a token manner--acknowledges a philosophical dimension to social equity creation by applying an Aristotelean perspective to the issue at SME level.
In order to emphasize the active role of the organism in constructing perception, Freeman recuperates Saint Thomas of Aquinas's Aristotelean position, defining intentionality as the process by which animals generate action goals by implicating past experience with an action to calculate the result of the action in a present circumstance (Brains 8, 26).
Melnick's puzzling assertion, I never identify as a Hobbesian), he ignores my reliance on thinkers in the Aristotelean and Lockean traditions, statesmen like Lincoln and the authors of The Federalist, and constitutional scholars like Martin Diamond and Herbert Storing--writers who have more to say than FDR about either welfare or the Constitution, my stated subjects.