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(ar'is-tō-tē'lē-ăn, ar'i-stŏ-tēl'yan),
Attributed to or described by Aristotle.
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This falls outside of the neatly-packed Aristotelean theory of stasis since the "cooperation" rendered by the sides of the debate, understood here as inhabiting particular topoi in order to resolve the crisis of the krinomenon, is abdicated by one side.
20) that leaves this reader trying to fathom the basis of this statement that seems to confuse Aristotelean categories with what is clearly a concept Aristotle finds implausible, especially on the basis of his refutation of the theory of ideas.
Thus, these articles follow the recommended "multilevel interdisciplinary" strategy (Emmons & Paloutzian, 2003) and attempt to delineate an approach to emotion and spiritual transformation that is consistent with the sensibilities of Aristotelean virtue ethics (MacIntyre, 1984), contemporary moral motive theory (Emmons & McCullough, 2004), and the apophatic tradition of personality change (Jones, 2002).
Chapter 9 (Preuss) contributes a brief conceptual section that--perhaps in a token manner--acknowledges a philosophical dimension to social equity creation by applying an Aristotelean perspective to the issue at SME level.
In order to emphasize the active role of the organism in constructing perception, Freeman recuperates Saint Thomas of Aquinas's Aristotelean position, defining intentionality as the process by which animals generate action goals by implicating past experience with an action to calculate the result of the action in a present circumstance (Brains 8, 26).
Pick Your poison is more on the personal side, and this issue deals with Nate's jobs, starting with an Aristotelean quote ("All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind") and a gas station job.
Melnick's puzzling assertion, I never identify as a Hobbesian), he ignores my reliance on thinkers in the Aristotelean and Lockean traditions, statesmen like Lincoln and the authors of The Federalist, and constitutional scholars like Martin Diamond and Herbert Storing--writers who have more to say than FDR about either welfare or the Constitution, my stated subjects.
As this symbol, the trickster represents the aporia in binary definition, the gray area from Aristotelean categorization to Derrida's abyss, from the divine versus non-divine to idealism versus pragmatism.
They suggest that three virtues, based on Aristotelean virtue theory, are necessarily inherent in the proper execution of the accountant's role.
Against the Aristotelean notion of memory as a "presentation of the past in the present," Ramadanovic argues that memory "is irreducible to one temporal location.
For an example of this, see Brody's article explicitly entitled "Towards an Aristotelean Theory of Scientific Explanation.
Medicine, based on Aristotelean and the until then uncontested Galenic legacy, was more of an art than a science.