Aristolochia indica

Aristolochia indica,

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Ramalalingam, "In vitro free radical scavenging and anticancer potential of Aristolochia indica L.
Dried stems of Calotropis gigantea, leaves of Aristolochia indica, flowers of Hibiscus rosa sinensis, and young leaves of Kalanchoe pinnata were dried, powdered, mixed with water and advised to be taken orally.
To cite a few instances, Aristolochia indica was used by the Kavirajes of Narail and Jessore districts to treat snake bite; the same plant was used by the Kavirajes of Kushtia district for treatment of gall bladder pain, skin infections, and as an antidote to poison.
Eight species are known to occur in India, of which Aristolochia bracteolata, Aristolochia indica and Aristolochia tagala are of medicinal importance.
The Pahan healer used Aristolochia indica for treatment of snake bite.
Similarly, Hindu medicine still claims Aristolochia indica, Crocus sativus, Alpinia galanga and Allium cepa as potent aphrodisiacs (Puri, 1971).
However, Kaviraj 1 treated snake bite with either Rauvolfia tetraphylla or Aristolochia indica.
On the other hand, Aristolochia indica was used to treat three diverse ailments like snake bite, passing of semen with urine, and infertility in males (Serial Number 6).
For instance, for treatment of snake bites, in one formulation, the Kavirajes orally administered a mixture of macerated leaves of Ecbolioum viride, Aristolochia indica, and Barringtonia racemosa.
To increase libido, roots of Urena lobata were mixed with fruit of Dioscorea bulbifera, roots of Asparagus racemosus and Aristolochia indica, whole plants of Rauwolfia serpentina, Rauwolfia tetraphylla, and Cyperus rotundus, milk, sugar, and honey and cooked.
Three plants, namely Sansevieria trifasciata, Aristolochia indica, and Barringtonia racemosa were used for treatment of snake bites or as snake repellents.
An example of use of multiple plant parts to treat ailments was that of Aristolochia indica, whose leaves and roots were used in combination for treatment of biliary pain, infections, and as an antidote to poisoning.