Aristolochia fangchi

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A·ris·to·lo·chi·a fang·chi

(ă-ris'tō-lō'kē-ă fahng'kī)
An extremely toxic preparation (aristolochic acid is the active ingredient) that causes cancer and hepatic disease; appears in some Chinese traditional medicines and compounds; reported one of the most dangerous of all herbal agents.
Synonym(s): birthwort.
[G. aristolochia, easy birth, fr. aristos, best, + locheia, childbirth]
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The manufacturer inadvertently replaced one of the herbs, Stephania tetrandra, with Aristolochia fangchi, which has a similar-sounding Chinese name.
In the one-to-multiple case (one herb refers to multiple species), the herb, fangji, refers to the root of either Aristolochia fangchi, Stephania tetrandra, Cocculus trilobus or C.
Presence and absence of aristolochic acids in species of Aristolochiaceae and species of their botanical name-related families Herb Plant part Aristolochiaceae (Madouling Ke [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) Aristolochia fangchi Y.