Aristolochia fangchi

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A·ris·to·lo·chi·a fang·chi

(ă-ris'tō-lō'kē-ă fahng'kī)
An extremely toxic preparation (aristolochic acid is the active ingredient) that causes cancer and hepatic disease; appears in some Chinese traditional medicines and compounds; reported one of the most dangerous of all herbal agents.
Synonym(s): birthwort.
[G. aristolochia, easy birth, fr. aristos, best, + locheia, childbirth]
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Viljoen, "Differentiation between two "fang ji" herbal medicines, Stephania tetrandra and the nephrotoxic Aristolochia fangchi, using hyperspectral imaging," Phytochemistry, vol.
That report indicated that the Chinese herb Aristolochia fangchi, used in America for weight loss, can damage kidneys and may cause several different forms of cancer.
It was concluded that one of the botanicals (Stephania tetrandra) had been inadvertently substituted with Aristolochia fangchi (a botanical known to contain aristolochic acid), because of the close similarity in the Chinese names.