(ahr'yahs stel'ă),
Javier, 20th-century Peruvian pathologist. See: Arias-Stella effect, Arias-Stella phenomenon, Arias-Stella reaction.
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29) Clear cell carcinoma must be distinguished from other tumorlike conditions containing clear cells such as (1) Arias-Stella reaction; (2) microglandular hyperplasia; and (3) mesonephric hyperplasia; as well as (4) carcinomas containing clear cells (squamous cell carcinoma and metastatic clear renal cell carcinoma).
However, patients with Arias-Stella reaction usually have a history of recent pregnancy or hormonal therapy, and the lesion typically is an incidental finding (often in a polyp).
58,72,284) Estrogen receptor and PR typically show negativity in clear cell carcinomas (155,188) and mesonephric hyperplasia (100) but positivity in microglandular hyperplasia (182,284) and Arias-Stella reaction.
Two of these pathologists include Javier Arias-Stella, MD, of the Instituto de Patologia y Biologia Molecular in Lima, Peru, and Marcello Franco, MD, PhD, of the Federal University of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Arias-Stella reaction in fallopian tube epithelium: a light and electron microscopic study with a review of the literature.
Entities to Be Considered in the Diagnosis of Tubal Intraepithelial Carcinoma Reactive hyperplasia and atypia of the tubal epithelium Surgical (thermal) and histologic artifacts Arias-Stella phenomenon of tubal epithelium Radiation effects on tubal epithelium Tubal metaplasias--papillary metaplastic tumor and transitional metaplasia Atypical hyperplasia/tubal atypia Secretory hyperplasia of tubal epithelium Papillary syncytial metaplasia of tubal mucosal endometrium
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