arginine vasotocin

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ar·gi·nine va·so·to·cin

vasotocin with arginyl residue at position 8 (identical with that of arginine oxytocin).
See also: arginine vasopressin.


a basic amino acid occurring in proteins and essential for many species, particularly the cat.

arginine amidinase
arginine deaminase test
see arginine dihydrolase test (below).
arginine dihydrolase test
a test for the identification of bacteria, based on the conversion of l-arginine to putrescine. In a positive result, the alkaline product is indicated by bromocresol purple. Called also arginine deaminase test.
arginine esterase
an androgen-dependent enzyme derived from the prostate which occurs in high concentrations in seminal plasma.
arginine nutritional deficiency
results in elevated blood ammonia concentration. Cats are particularly sensitive and within hours of eating an arginine-free diet, severe neurological signs develop, leading to death. In other species, cataracts have been reported in dogs and feather abnormalities occur in chickens on deficient diets.
arginine vasopressin
a potent vasoconstrictor in mammals.
arginine vasotocin
the normal antidiuretic hormone in birds; released from the avian posterior pituitary.
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