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Henry K., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Silver-Russell dwarfism, Silver-Russell syndrome.

sil·ver (Ag),

L. argentum; a metallic element, atomic no. 47, atomic wt. 107.8682. Many salts have clinical applications.
Synonym(s): argentum
[A.S. seolfor]
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The mission of Argentum Electronics is to bring fundamental innovation to the world of power electronics and IoT technology.
Under a separate contract with BARDA, Argentum Medical is nearing completion of studies required to apply for FDA clearance of Silverlon for skin burns caused by sulfur mustard chemical weapon exposure.
As an all-stock transaction, except as otherwise specifically provided in the agreement, all of the current and future assets and liabilities of Manquiri, including its processing facility, mineral rights and other assets, and its current and long-term liabilities (including future reclamation and closure liabilities), will remain with Manquiri after ownership of the entity is transferred to Argentum.
Argentum is the first collection to come out of this initiative and is named for the Latin word for silver, a nod to the silverwashing technique used in finishing these pieces.
Upon transfer, Soltoro will retain a 3% Net Smelter Return ('N.S.R.') interest in Coyote whereby 1% can be purchased by Argentum Silver for US$1.5 million to a maximum of 2%.
4/31 y ss: "Argentum pertinet ad intelligentiam [...] argentum ad perfectionem speculativi intellectus".
-- Sobre el escritorio del gobernador Miguel Alonso Reyes se acumulan facturas por saldar: deudas a proveedores, pagos pendientes al Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, creditos adquiridos en los ultimos meses y la carga de una burocracia que casi se duplico en seis anos; mientras tanto, el cascaron de Ciudad Gobierno (o Ciudad Argentum) se yergue como un monumento al derroche de la exmandataria Amalia Garcia Medina.
Answers on page 76 Other lives Three wins from 12 starts was not a bad return for Argentum. Shrewdly handled by Lady Herries, four unplaced runs in maidens saw him start life in handicaps in August 2004 on a mark of 52 and win on his first attempt, the step up in trip also evidently making a difference.
Quienes hacen remolienda saben que se trata de disminuir los gruesos de lenta flotabilidad de las cargas circulantes de valores de zinc donde Argentum no podia ser la excepcion.
Now 'Business Standard' has exclusively reported that the company is in talks with SpiceJet promoter Ajay Singh's firm, Argentum Motors, for rolling out heavy trucks and buses.
El carnaval de Oruro viene del siglo XVII cuando estaba en auge la explotacion de la plata (argentum) tanto en Potosi como en Oruro en la denominada zona alta del Virreinato del Peru, hoy republica de Bolivia.