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Relating to, resembling, or containing silver.
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(1) Pertaining to silver, argentic

(2) Pertaining to a country in South America (in current nonmedical use)
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Argentina adopted an additional licensing requirement in February 2012 that applies to all imports of goods into the country.
"Argentina must allow UK companies to continue to engage in legal and legitimate economic activity.
When fully implemented, the plan could, for the first time, help to deter illegal flights and illicit drug trafficking by providing radar coverage of Argentina's northern border air space.
Telecom Argentina had revenues of some EUR1.3bn (USD1.83bn) and EBITDA of some EUR400m in the first half of 2010, Telecom Italia said.Country: , ArgentinaSector: TelecommunicationsTarget: Telecom Argentina SA, Sofora Telecomunicaciones SABuyer: Telecom Italia SpAVendor: Werthein familyType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: AgreedComment: Deal cleared in Argentina
Australia's player Joseph Ingles said they were disappointed, and did their best to defend themselves but their resistance was broken due to continuous pressure of Argentina.
It was 16 years to the day that a 5-0 drubbing by Colombia had twice world champions Argentina needing to win a playoff to reach the 1994 finals in the U.S.
The store demonstrates Wal-Mart's commitment to the province of Cordoba and to Argentina, Gomez Berard said, adding that the unit will bring world-quality retailing and everyday-low prices to shoppers in Rio Cuarto.
Lautaro Martinez and Sergio Aguero scored a goal in each half as Argentina defeated guest team Qatar, 2-0, to secure a spot in the quarterfinals of the South American competition.
In his welcome remarks, Argentina Ambassador Jose Nestor Ureta affirmed the strong relationship between Argentina and the Philippines.